Saturday, January 3, 2009

While I was walking my dog and myself, I noticed that I was wanting to train my dog more, to keep more control of his wanderings. When I noticed this little development, I tried to accept it as an expression of what I criticized in myself. And then I realized that my controlling behavior was about the fact that I didn't not seem to be controlling my own behavior, that I was not fulfilling my expectations of myself. I looked at how my day had gone, and realized that I had not remained focused on the tasks that I had set for myself! What an unpleasant awareness. But Change only begins with awareness and acceptance.

So I took a few minutes to recognize my judgement of myself, and to accept the way I had lived my day. Once again, I created a new starting point.

What was interesting was how much I followed through on my commitments to myself tonight. I had set out to accomplish some simple tasks, and I stayed on them and finished them. A great lesson I received from Life Success Seminars, "The quality of my life depends on the commitments I make and keep." Including the commitments that I make to myself.

A new starting point.

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