Thursday, November 7, 2013

Knowing When To Take Action

Knowing When To Take Action

Aside from the actions that require consideration of timing, knowing when to take action can be a simple process. And yet, simple does not always mean easy.

Most of our decisions can be made with one or two priorities.

The first involves our core values. When we are clear about our core values, we can look at a decision and action from the point of how it serves our core values. This becomes a litmus test for our actions. And if it doesn't serve our goals, then we're just distracting ourselves.

After that, we have our intuition. Have you been listening to your intuition when making decisions? It can be so hard to set the mind aside and listen to that feeling that either drives us or leaves us apathetic.  It's the difference between "Yes, I think so" and "Hell yes!"

If we're stuck on Maybe, it's time to see why.

And so, when is the best time to take action?

Within 24 hours, preferably within the hour. If you can't commit in that time, when will you?

Taking action is the way success shows up. Are you ready to take action and add success to your vocabulary? Are you ready to take action and make your life show up in full color?