Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Small Group Book Study made Easy

While I was talking to a colleague today, it became apparent that she wasn't clear on what my services provide to a client who buys a Small Group Book Study. I am proud of the intellectual content of my products and programs, which are the backbone of what I do. But I also realize that a client wants to be able to implement the program with ease.

We give you as much material as we can to make it easy, efficient, and successful to implement a Book Study. There are schedules and timelines, team descriptions, guides for the facilitators and hosts, and other documents that help you organize and motivate your teams.

I understand how hard it is to locate the people to put the program into action, so I want to make it easy on them, and give all the information that they need so they don't have to re-invent the wheel.

If you wonder what that looks like, please give me a call and ask me about the details.

For me, writing the questions that engage your participants is the most exciting part, but the nuts and bolts are what you need for a successful program.


Sunday, January 25, 2009


As I go through my day, I feel the tension that comes with "problems" and worries. This tension is largely a result of the resistance that I create. I am resisting the reality, the conditions that exist, or could exist. If I take a moment to notice, to become aware, I can then "turn off" that resistance, and suddenly I feel my body soften and release it's negative vibration. I can feel the release of resistance, the release of dis-ease. So amazing that it can result from a simple decision.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The I of The Storm

For those that may be interested, New Thought Unity Center in Cincinnati is conducting one of my HomeStudy Small Group Book Studies. This will be taking place from Feb. 15 through April 4, but you must commit and register between Jan. 25 and Feb. 8 if you would like to participate. The book that we will be using is The I of The Storm, (Amazon reviews) which is an amazing book that helps us look at conflict as an opportunity for peace and growth. You can see more at Meetup.com (search for "Unity"), where you can join. After joining, you will be the first to know
of the groups that will be forming all over the Greater Cincinnati area. Or just reply to me and I can help you! Please join up.

I am not that

It seems like the past three days have been challenging in a number of ways, most noticeable the way that I have perceived myself or the ways others have seemed to perceive me. Certain situations seemed to go really well, where I felt that others has understood me. Other situations seemed to have put into question all the great things that I have learned about myself.

The challenging situations were ones that questioned my judgment, or my ability to reason in familiar and desirable places. In an interview I felt my ability for discourse to slip through my hands like water, desperately trying to provide the insight that I felt so adept with only hours before.
And in a discussion, it felt like I had become the butt of every joke.

Those were my perceptions. I have no real idea what was happening because I was reacting and reading into the situation much more than was actually happening. But as I sat in meditation just now, as I tried to relax into my true nature, I suddenly saw that I was looking at appearances, and taking them so seriously. I was mistaking my appearances, my own distorted perceptions, for who I really am, the core value of myself as a soul, as a spiritual being. And I was suddenly able to look at all the perceptions of myself, my own perceptions as well as perceptions any one else may have had, I was suddenly clear that I am not that. I realized that I was not those perceptions, I was not those judgments (both self-imposed and perceived of others), I was not any of those situations.

Suddenly I was able to step into The I of the Storm and relax, accept, and move on.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

While I was walking my dog and myself, I noticed that I was wanting to train my dog more, to keep more control of his wanderings. When I noticed this little development, I tried to accept it as an expression of what I criticized in myself. And then I realized that my controlling behavior was about the fact that I didn't not seem to be controlling my own behavior, that I was not fulfilling my expectations of myself. I looked at how my day had gone, and realized that I had not remained focused on the tasks that I had set for myself! What an unpleasant awareness. But Change only begins with awareness and acceptance.

So I took a few minutes to recognize my judgement of myself, and to accept the way I had lived my day. Once again, I created a new starting point.

What was interesting was how much I followed through on my commitments to myself tonight. I had set out to accomplish some simple tasks, and I stayed on them and finished them. A great lesson I received from Life Success Seminars, "The quality of my life depends on the commitments I make and keep." Including the commitments that I make to myself.

A new starting point.