Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Does The Law of Attraction Work for You?

 Law of Attraction
Mastery Tools:
Living From Your
Zone of Genius

Have you been short-circuiting your access to The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a powerful principle. In this enlightening workshop you'll explore some obstacles to the unlimited possibilities that the Universe has in store for you, and how you can easily dissolve those obstacles.

When you step into your Zone of Genius, you tap into a vortex of energy that empowers you to create your Extraordinary Life using the principles that will always serve you.

Sunday, June 1, 12:45 to 2:15 with
Larry Watson
Author, Transformation Coach
Suggested Love Offering: $20 or joyful amount
(Light snacks provided)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Simple Truth About Healthy Boundaries: They're Softer Than You Think

Boundaries can seem illusive. Other times it can feel like they have to be hard and harsh. Maybe not so much.

We're talking about emotional boundaries, as well as boundaries on our time and energy.

One of my clients gave me permission to share this revelation: she said that the term "boundaries" brought visions of a high chain linked fence - electrified - with razor-sharp barbed wire on the top. If you want to extend the metaphor, there might even be some verbal machine gun emplacements.

OK, let's step back a little bit. My experience has shown that the most important boundaries are the emotional ones. And the metaphor that came to mind is two bodies of water.

Think of them as yours and "theirs," one colored blue and one orange. The boundary can be as thin as a membrane that keeps them separate.

Because when the boundary is gone, they mix, the color will be brown, and the source and experience of each is lost.

If we maintain our boundaries, we can observe and even appreciate the others' thoughts, emotions, experiences without feeling the need to take them on as our own.

Freedom. Freedom to be ourselves, freedom from a false sense of obligation, freedom from feeling responsible for someone's experience.

Boundaries = freedom. Not exactly the image of an electric chain-link fence.

When we want to set boundaries, heavy artillery is not required. Only awareness and resolve.

To your freedom!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Freedom: What Are Your Rewards?

The Fear of Letting Go Is...

There was a point in my life where I began to realize that my co-dependence was a huge obstacle to my true, authentic self  being able to express. At that point I began to fear being co-dependent. I could see how it diminished me and put entirely too much pressure on others to be my source of happiness or pain.
So I began the journey of letting go of the desperate, dysfunctional need to have my existence affirmed by others, the need to mold and manipulate myself into the persona that I thought would please them. In the process, another fear began to show.

I soon found myself in the fear of Not being co-dependent, which is the reason I had resorted to co-dependence in the first place. In the absence of interacting in the favorable persona, I would have to look within and find authentic reactions, authentic opinions, authentic emotions  that I would actually express!

There had been rewards in being co-dependent, and now it was time to find the rewards in ending this practice.
  • The reward is authenticity itself, discovering  the essence of who I really am.
  • The reward is freedom.
The opportunity to change your focus begins with awareness, and then requires courage. It makes it much easier when you can find the rewards to a new way of being. Focus on the positive rewards, and you will find your authentic self with grace and ease.