Friday, February 13, 2009

Finding Freedom Homestudy is Ready!

The full package of materials, guides, and administrative tools for the Finding Freedom Homestudy is complete and ready for immediate shipment.
  • This is a ten session series.
  • Based on Steve Sherwood's Finding Freedom: Five Choices That Will Change Your Life.
  • Inspirational and transformational information and exercises
  • Complete guides make this a self-directed program
  • The magic of the small group (5 to 8 people) is perfect for this book and program

This program allows people to find out what their greatest strengths are, and how to let go of the emotional strings that have been holding them back. Steve Sherwood says of this Homestudy program
  • "I want everyone to know how important the Homestudy program is to understanding the book. I wrote Finding Freedom because there isn't time in a seminar to cover all the important topics. Only with extended study and the group environment of the Homestudy program will people get what they really need out of this book."
This Inspiring Connection Homestudy is an excellent program for church groups that are interested in giving their member more tools for understanding of their true essence, who they really are.

This Homestudy works well in a corporate setting, as well, by investing employee and/or management time into personal development that will pay with increased dedication and satisfaction. People connect at a more core level, developing greater trust and support for each other. Corporate culture and morale is vastly improved as intensive personal growth contributes to company efficiency.

Designed in 10 segments, this program can be implemented in its original time frame of 10 months, or shortened for your convenience to 10 or 20 weeks.

I am very excited about this program. The first groups of Finding Freedom have found it to be very key to their ability to continue their personal development over the long haul, which would otherwise fall back and return to their old ways of being. Many great attributes are being explored and embraced, and old habits are released.

Please comment and call me if you would like to know anything more about the program.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Black out

Coming through the door, near-darkness allowed 19 years in the same house to lead me through the rooms with a modicum of confidence. I knew where the flashlight was, whose beam seemed flashingly bright and brilliant, glaring on the walls as it bounced down the hall with my searching hand. Candles were lit, and I found I could function. I found a snack, settled into my chair to finish a book by the glow of 4 candles, and found such peace in the darkness, and in the simple light.

Driving home from yoga, I was plunged into darkness; even traffic lights were mute. I looked into the Valley of WalMart, and saw darkness. Over the horizon, I could see the glow of an electrified Meijers. I knew I would have a partial, if not complete, darkness surrounding my home. That Miejers parking lot flare would light the sky at home from a mile and a half away. Incessantly. But the glow was dull without the WalMart glare, and I was enjoying the soft night sky as I emerged from my car.

The silence of a blackout is precious, and like a blanket on the solitude. Even with company, a blackout has a weight, or maybe lightness, to it that is not familiar, that holds a certain ominence of impending nothingness. Even in company, the quiet demands more self awareness and familiarity with the uncertainty of self. No distractions. Well, less.

I pull out my Sony Walkman, and begin to play along on my instruments. Through the 3rd or 4th song, I hear a noise. A noise?! There shouldn't be a noise. It is the noise of wind. The heat is on, blowing through the air ducts, which means the electricity is back on. Fortunately, I had left no lights on in the house. The darkness prevailed, save the 4 candles alight in the living room. I run to a light switch to see that I am "saved", -and promptly turn it off. The candle light is much more pleasant. I resolve to purchase a lot of candles so that I will take advantage of this simple pleasure more often. Even with the TV on, the candles lend a glow that is soft and serene.

As I head down the hallway to prepare for bed, I can't help turning back to the computer to share these observations. My recent work in clay has been about how computers and computer chips have infiltrated our lives, creating dependence on a communication artery, one that could be called an artery of data that borders on emotion. Unfortunately, the written word is only 34 percent of our communication. Another 20 percent is our inflection and verbal nuance. The balance, almost 50 percent, is manifest in our visual cues. The last two factors are not present in this post.

So what are you getting out of it??
I hope you will comment.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Power of People

I was reading through an email that I received about how our resolutions go in January:

Contrary to popular belief, gym memberships spike in February, NOT January. Diet centers and programs spike in February and all other self-help and personal growth programs have a steep increase in February.

Why is that? Didn't we make our resolutions in January? YES WE DID - but we tried to succeed ALONE!

You may be an exception to the rule... but the truth is, most of us do best when we're surrounded with support in reaching our goals and objectives. This is why it is KEY for you to have peers that 'get' you and understand what you are about.

The point of this is to have some people who support us in our goals and our dreams. When we find the poeple who believe in what we want, we can move forward with much more ease and grace. When we get energized by support, we can activate the law of attraction and bring into our experience the tools and resources that will allow us to serve our clients best. Other professionals come into view who can create a co-creative synergy that benefits everyone in the process.

But the important thing is to share our enthusiasm with someone who will in turn become enthused about your goals, as well as become enthused about their own goals and dreams. It is working so well for me! I am constantly amazed at how many people are contributing to my success, when I let them.

Larry Watson

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