Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I've had a lot of education around the concept of acceptance, lately. As I was telling a friend Saturday, When I accept what is, I create a new starting point.

This is true for just about anything in my life. It can be aspects of myself that I don't like. It can be other people. It can be what happened to me the other day. It can be my financial, physical, emoitional situation at this time. It can be how I want something, or expect something, that doesn't exist yet.

Acceptance takes the air out of it. When I am thinking about how much I don't want this, or I need to change it, it has more power. It has power over me. If I give my energy in the form of resistance, it will become stronger and more irritating, frustrating, or painful. When I accept what is, I am no longer resisting, and so it loses it's power.

Because it isn't "it" anyway. It is here, it is part of me. When I resist "it", I am trying to objectify it, trying to separate myself from it. But "it" is right here. So when I accept "it", I am accepting myself.

When I accept myself, I am liberated to accept you.

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