Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Worst & Best

During a road trip, when stress can magnify things, I noticed myself finding judgment of others and feeling justified to point this out. The next day I realized I was pointing at parts of myself.

It's funny how quick I (we?) can be when it comes to finding judgment of negative traits in others. And knowing that those are traits that I can find in myself, I have the opportunity to feel compassion for everyone who demonstrates those traits.

And what about the positive traits that I admire in others? Those are present in me as well, and associating with people who demonstrate those traits will help me to see them in myself, and nurture and cultivate them.

My goal is to seek out those people who I want to add to my circle of influence, and actually take the time to discover their power and attitude.

First and foremost, I must recognize that I am worthy to ask them for a snippet their wisdom.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New World

In answering a LinkedIn question: "And it is as if the world is collectively holding its breath, waiting for something. What do you suppose it could be?"

My response was:

From what I've read, and my own intuition, is that this era is an opportunity for spiritual evolution that is available and powerfully present. The potential is cannot be denied. Our power to choose is not inevitable.

As the leading edge of thought and spiritual consciousness expands, this potential can create the momentum to be a global transformation into a new paradigm that relegates materialism in the back seat as a mere playground for our spiritual and social evolution in a physical world.

And if we choose to let this opportunity pass us by, the consequences could be conflict and power struggles.

Our role is to be the change we wish to see in the world, living and acting from a role as contributors to the wellspring of conscious living.

As each of us turns toward a conscious spirituality, if only by tiny degrees or increments, we turn the world into its potential of a shift that is hard to imagine.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Be Willing

When I am looking at my potential, and affirming the future results and outcomes that give me joy, I am often intimidated by the responsibility of being in the perfect mindset to make it all happen. The concepts of the Law of Attraction are so powerful, and nailing all the steps and processes sometimes appears daunting.

Getting it right, I realized, is not the biggest step. Having the right affirmation or the right attitude and emotion are not absolutes to 'successful' manifestation.

The other day I was saying some affirmations, and my ability to believe these affirmations was less than 100%. And the credibility of my own affirmation is pretty important as I learned from Terry McBride.

Then I remembered the leading words of Collin Tipping's "Radical Forgiveness" worksheet affirmations: "I am willing. . . "

I realize this opens me up to the potential without requiring me to know the how. It opens up all the potential that I can see or that I cannot see from my limited perspective.

It opens up my potential to the power of the Universe to create with me my higher good, even if I can't see it yet.

It is not mine to nail down the how and when. I am willing, and the Universe steps in with grace and all the potential that is available in this universe. It's time to trust and put my faith in the Universe's constant love for me that supports me 100% all the time.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Make it Easy

Make it Easy
When a minister is considering a new program, there is the major consideration of human capital to be considered. Volunteers are not unlimited, so it makes sense to give them all the tools and training to make it easy.

When approaching a congregant or staff person with the opportunity to bring a book study into your spiritual community, it is important to let that person know exactly how much support they will have. At New Thought Unity, we scheduled a board training in our annual retreat so that nominees would know that they weren't going in blind.

The same is true for small group book studies. Let them know that you have an entire system already prepared for them to plug into your church and your calendar. And the documents are customizable, giving everyone freedom to adjust to your particular needs.

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