Monday, December 9, 2013

Are You Allowed To Dream?

The New Year is upon us!

Are you allowed to Dream?

Do you have permission to create a vision that is beautiful and amazing?

Is there any part of you that is feeling unworthy of creating a vision that Takes Your Breath Away?

Visioning is a major theme for me as I go into 2014. I've been asked to conduct visioning workshops and talks at 5 venues in January. I love my life! I can't wait to get into the room and get a bunch of people fired up and creative and building a life they love.

But there is a very important first step. Getting permission. If you want to create an awesome vision, you need permission.

You know what I'm talking about. You can feel it in your body right now; in your gut, your chest, or maybe your throat. Maybe your feet feel like lead weights.

Guess how I know?

Getting permission to dream of something better. You can hear some of the old voices:
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Don't get too full of yourself.
  • Since when did you get better than anybody else?
 These are the voices from the past. Except, now they are spoken by yourself. No one has to chime in. You say it for them. You are the Judge, and you are the one keeping you in prison.

For how long? How much longer are you going to deny yourself the simple joy and pleasure of dreaming, of creating a vision that stretches you into your amazing potential? And then stepping into it.

"We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be briliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Who are you not to be?"
~Marianne Williamson

You know the part of you that is brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous. You know that part really, really well. To some degree, you've been holding that part down, like a little child in you who is told to be quiet.

Now it's time to let it all out, to bring the amazing person that is you out into the open, into the room, and ask what would make you sing? Say to yourself, "Now is the time. You have permission!"

As you go through your day, stop and give yourself permission to dream and vision what you can do and see and create.

The year 2014 is going to be different. Either by default and out of your control; or by your proactive and glorious intention. One way or the other - it WILL be different.

Give yourself permission to be fabulous. Who are you not to be?

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Knowing When To Take Action

Knowing When To Take Action

Aside from the actions that require consideration of timing, knowing when to take action can be a simple process. And yet, simple does not always mean easy.

Most of our decisions can be made with one or two priorities.

The first involves our core values. When we are clear about our core values, we can look at a decision and action from the point of how it serves our core values. This becomes a litmus test for our actions. And if it doesn't serve our goals, then we're just distracting ourselves.

After that, we have our intuition. Have you been listening to your intuition when making decisions? It can be so hard to set the mind aside and listen to that feeling that either drives us or leaves us apathetic.  It's the difference between "Yes, I think so" and "Hell yes!"

If we're stuck on Maybe, it's time to see why.

And so, when is the best time to take action?

Within 24 hours, preferably within the hour. If you can't commit in that time, when will you?

Taking action is the way success shows up. Are you ready to take action and add success to your vocabulary? Are you ready to take action and make your life show up in full color? 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where's Your List, Santa?

No lump of coal this year!

I think maybe the thing that made me wonder if thier really IS a Santa Clause was hearing everyone say that Santa kept a list. He sees me when I'm sleeping (kinda creepy?) he sees me when I'm awake.

And exactly how does he do that? There's 7 billion of us, or does he only watch the kids? Does that mean the adults have graduated, or are they beyond hope?

OK, we can really dive into this in a metaphysical way, but I want to focus on that list.

I don't know about you, but as far as I remembered about the previous 12 months,  that list of naughty seemed longer than my Wish List.

And what happened at Christmas? It certainly didn't look like my naughty list had diminished the flow of abundance in my morning under the tree.

What happened to the list? Did Santa's math skills need a remedial class? Or was this just a big story, this whole Santa thing?

As I've gotten older, I've begun to believe that the metaphor of Santa as the unconditional love that the Universe shows me every day is the true story. There is no list. There is no scorecard.

So that means you can stop keeping your own scorecard. It means you can tear that list up, toss it to the wind, and forgive yourself. As long as you're judging yourself, you're the only one.

Love yourself!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Who Do Ya Love?

It all starts here.

As I do more and more coaching work with others, it is clearer and clearer for me that it all starts right here.  Say that for yourself: "It all starts right here."  We can't start out there without enough right here to give.

Have you found it difficult at times to have kindness and compassion for others? Take a look at your "love-tank," and get a gauge on how full or empty it is.

Self love could be the secret to loving your life. Finding the kindness, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself is the first step to creating joy in our lives.

I like to adapt the sentence, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." With a few words added, it points at another element of that "equation." For me, it makes sense to say, "You can love your neighbor only as much as you love yourself."

And loving yourself makes it so much easier and fun! When we are loving ourselves, we fill the well of our kindness and compassion that we can then give to others, and we are confident and generous when we do.

Even though we know it's important to love thy neighbor, it all starts at home. How are you treating yourself? Just for today, can you really love yourself?

Pretend you're talking a to a five year old version of yourself and see how kind and loving you are. Even in the most challenging moments of your day, what would you say to the five year old self?

Self-love is not egotistical. It is the most important focus to fill you love tank. That's the tank from which we give to others. And it's the source of our greatest joy.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

When Do I Make That Decision?


My clients spend a lot of time imagining their dreams and what they would truly Love to have in their lives, and yet, there is one missing ingredient in that process. This ingredient is the difference between having our dreams come true and watching them float by on a cloud of time passing.

When we are inspired to our best, or even to serve others, there is a certain time frame when that inspiration will serve us and allow us to create from our best-version-of-ourselves.

One success guru recently wrote that the people that have achieved the greatest level of success are those that take action. Sounds pretty simple, right? And he said that the action they take is within 24 hours of the opportunity that shows up. The Universe is constantly sending us wonderful opportunities to receive exactly what we say we want, and so many times we put it off, defer to a mentality of  "if it is meant to be, it will be there tomorrow."

A friend of mine just told me about research discovering that when we are so inspired in this way, if we do not take action by the count of 4, then we won’t take any action. That means 5 seconds after an inspiring heart opening, if no action is taken it is null and void. WOW! So what have you been inspired by lately that you didn’t act upon? How quickly will you act today to be sure 5 seconds don’t pass?

The simplest action is a mental action of saying yes. That's it. That's the 4 second action. The next action is to do the physical action that will get you closer to your dreams.

If you're ready to make a powerful, positive change in your life, take action.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Core Values Part I

As we go through our life and develop ourselves into the best-version-of-ourselves, we will do some self-assessment. Sometimes we self-assess from the perspective of what we lack. Though this might not get us thinking about what we want in the long run, it can actually be very useful to discover what our core values are.

If you are looking for ways to improve your life, it usually revolves around the things that are important to you. So as you look at your desire to "diet" or exercise, we can see that this is around the priority of health. If that is what you want in your life, then perhaps the core value that drives you is a healthy body that allows you to have high quality of life.

Looking at what we want in our lives and what is missing can frequently point us at what are the most important parts of our lives that we value above others. (That's what I love about being a transformation coach; helping people through that process of discovering what is missing.)

This is not a judgment call. More on that later.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Unraveling The Ball of Rubber Bands

A Ball of Rubber Bands

During the Question & Answer segment of my webinar, I had a wonderful question from Beth:

"Sometimes people get into a place where they are like this big ball of rubber bands wrapped around each other, like some people collect and have on their desk. And each of these rubber bands are the things that keep this person from moving toward what it is that they truly want. It seems like there is this endless number of rubber bands, or issues, or obstacles, to unravel. It can seem overwhelming to even begin the process, and to believe that there is an end in sight. What do you say to someone in that place?"

I love this question! It really points out how important it is to have an observer in our lives to help us to see both sides of the equation when it comes to discovering our greatness.

Yes, the ball is a great analogy for all the things in our lives that can effect our ability and capacity for expressing our greatness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Yet, this is only a partial analogy.

The ball of rubber bands does not represent the core of each person that is screaming to get out and be expressed! The key perspective is to be able to see both parts of the ball; the rubber bands on the outside, and the unlimited and powerful core of a unique human potential to create on the inside.  Once we include that human powerhouse to the model, there are now two forces at work.

It requires attention to all the parts to bring freedom to the individual; unraveling the ropes and rubber bands that hold us back, as well as cultivating and nurturing the indomitable human spirit that wants to be free and express all that is possible.

That's the magic of Transformation Coaching.

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To your greatness,
Larry Watson

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dam That Abundance!

Dam That Abundance!

The law of circulation is known to be powerful for attracting abundance in our lives, and yet, is it an equation of balance? Must we give everything we receive? Maybe not entirely...

Of course, we want to experience the flow of abundance THROUGH us. And, most of us would also like to experience a bit of security and peace of mind that comes with a reserve of abundance that is already on hand for any upcoming expenses. And it would be great to have a reserve of abundance that would allow for desires that arrive in our minds and hearts, with little delay in manifestation. A version of immediate gratification, right?

What does that look like to you? How does it align with the law of circulation?

If we think of this flow of abundance as a river, then we participate in that flow with the acceptance and receiving of the abundance that is possible as we flow that abundance into the world in the ways that we choose. I get this part, and I love it when it shows up in my life.

It occurred to me that when there is a flow of abundance, to use the anaolgy of a river, a lake might be created with a dam, and perhaps a hydroelectric plant built to take advantage of this reservoir. As the lake is filled, the energy that is possible as it flows through the system benefits many. That energy flows out beyond the river valley, and allows many positive things to happen.

When it comes to the law of circulation, there is no limit to abundance. Our imagination is the resource for creating that flow, and with the mindset of a reservoir, we can then imagine and manifest the unlimited rainfall that fills our cup.

This reservoir creates a consistent flow so the lake withstands floods or droughts without serious effect.

What a great concept! I love it! Now that I have a mental picture, my mindset and visioning of abundance can much more easily include the abundance reservoir that brings ease and grace into my life, and to everyone around me. 

My new home is on Lake Abundance. Care to join me?

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Strength or Distraction?

I love using StrengthFinders 2.0 to help my clients discover their strengths. And it has finally sunk into my brain that strengths can also become distractions. Thanks to an understanding of polarities, I am able to see the flip side of the coin of Strengths.

In the thinking technology of managing Polarities, There is not only the polaritiy of seemingly contrasting intentions, but even within a focus there is the polarity of extremes, of good and bad, as well as where we apply our strengths.

Example: a baseball glove works well on the ballfield, though using it as a glove for cleaning snow off the car might be a bit awkward. OK, that one is a bit extreme, but it gives you an idea about application.

So lets apply this to the way we live our lives.

One of my strengths is intellection. Yeah, a funny word. What it means is that I like to analyze things, examine the parts, put them back together, find the source of thoughts, ask the questions that get to the core of your greatest potential. I've found (and others have, too) that this is a very powerful strength for coaching. And yet, it can have some drawbacks when applied in less useful places in my life, or when applied as a default modality, if I'm not thinking about it.

When it runs amuck in my business life, it can cause stagnation and indecision. Paralysis by analysis, if you will. When looking at options and opportunities, I can examine and question and analyze until I'm blue in the face. Decisions need to be made. Some decision are better when relying more on intuition.

Sometimes I find myself drawn into intellection when there is other work to be done that requires more focus. That's when I find myself staring off into space (or the computer screen) for minutes at a time. Distraction. Can you relate?

And unfettered intellection is certainly a handicap when it comes to centering or meditating.

The realization of this strength as a distraction allows me to now be aware of when it is happening. Sometimes. This awareness of my default tendencies is a new muscle that I'm exercising, so I'm not beating myself up when it doesn't happen all the time.

Awareness is the first step to self-empowerment, and then we can choose again.

What is your distraction?

When is it your strength?

Those are the polarities that we can manage. Doesn't that feel better?

Affirming your greatness,
Larry Watson

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dragging It Around

Waking up in the morning, thoughts of yesterday float through my head. And something that I regret, some little (or big) thing that I did or didn’t do, gives me a sense of remorse, maybe even guilt. Maybe in some small way I judge myself, condemn myself and look for a way of punishing myself. 

Sound familiar?

I’ve already pulled out the bat and began to beat myself up over the things done and undone. And the greatest punishment that I seemed compelled to perpetuate is the act/inaction of repeating it. Is that really necessary? Really?

What is the new attitude that will allow the release of these obstacles and momentum?

Today is a new day. I start fresh today, with the grace of an open window called today. Bringing yesterday in through that window is totally unnecessary! Each day, the grace of this Universe allows us to start fresh, without a tally of wrongs and inadequacies. Start fresh with an eye on our potential and power, the shining light of all that we were born as. 

Take off the dark glasses of ego-imposed judgment, no longer ground-focused, and look up at all the choices that serve joyful intentions and core values.

The bat I was using was the bat of the perpetuation of sabotaging my self-actualizing. It’s not only a matter of “doing” the things that are in alignment with my purpose and joy, but rather a process of forgiveness and letting go of the self-imposed sentence of a poor set of directions in conflict with my internal GPS.

This is the open door to the grace of our  untapped potential, and  the unleashing of our greatness. When we leave the guilt and resentment at the threshold, this day, this hour is the door to our present joy.

I am here for you when you need the support to create that joy.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Contrast as a Tool: What You Don't Want Is Good For You

The Law of Attraction is frequently cited for it's positive approach to creating our life, focusing on where we are going and the mindset that will make it possible. Along with this Law is the fact that the Universe is constantly showing us the opposite by default. The opposite to what we want is called "contrast."

The benefit of the appearance in our lives of contrasts to what we want, when the uncomfortable things show up in our lives, is that it crystallizes what it is that we do want. Along with the vision of what we want that shows up in the face of the contrast to what we want comes the feelings and core values that drive our best desires. Contrast can be the cattle prod to our core values and ultimate potential, waking us up to what is possible, and waking us up to the joy and passion that comes from living out those values and potential.

When a problem  or challenge shows up, you can look for the best part of you, your core values, that want to rise to the occasion. Thank the challenges for waking you up to your best. Then you can test the truth of these values by moving into action that will make it happen.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To The Least

After finding myself avoiding a friend for some unexplained reason, it took me a while to recognize the reaction as similar to something that has happened in the past with people and friends.

I feel like I can get along with most people, and I rarely find myself avoiding people or categorically rejecting them. Of course, there are some people I find toxic and avoid; there are always exceptions. Setting boundaries is healthy.

And then there are those people that I find that I like or enjoy and yet still seem to avoid coming too close. I am grateful for a new awareness around that.

Sometimes these people might confide in me how they feel about someone else. How they don't want to sit with them, or be in the room with them, and they don't like them; they are described with "Yuck."

Of course we all have opinions. Yet I find that the collaterole damage to my relationship with this person is that I avoid them. Sure, they seem to "like" me right now, but what would happen if I fell into that "Yuck" category? What if I said something that they found unfavorable?

At that point I begin to avoid them. And then a phrase occurred to me, because I saw that I knew if this person would talk about someone derisively, someone that I thought was OK, then perhaps there is little distinction between the "yuck" person and I:

  • What you do to the least of my brethren, you do to me.

Now this sentence becomes personal when I speak it as my own.

Whether the words are directed at me or someone else, I can see that there is little difference in the negative comments' effect on me, my friends, and the world.

And a great opportunity to notice my own language. As much as I like to think I can separate them into categories, whatever I say about anyone, I do to all my friends.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lakes Alive; An Avian Escort

Arriving at the park I was greeted with an empty parking lot, which meant the entire park and lake were mine to explore. And the birds, serenading me in place of children's laughter and screams, seemed to focus entirely on me.

It also meant the Rudy-dog was leash-free, which sure made him happy. And me, so that I didn't have to walk and stop at his schedule.

And that's a new focus for my walks: stopping. There seems to be a greater connection with what is in my environment when the busy-ness of walking and moving and eyes ground focused or moving over  the terrain. It is so much easier to fall into the tunnel-vision of Now when I am in a single place, alive in stillness.

Walking along the shore, it seemed that the geese were particularly relaxed today, with hardly a ripple at my approach. They stayed where they were, very close to the shore, and seemed to be waiting for me as I passed. I stopped. No response. The story of my brush with dolphins surfaced as I watched the water waving before a soft breeze.

Continuing on, the light was shimmering on the wings of bluebirds who seemed to be flying just before me, ahead of me as I approached each one of the trio of Perulas. I assumed it was coincidence that they continued to fly before me, until I rounded the western end of the lake and turned toward the east. They continued to fly in front of me, resting on branches just to the side of the trail, then flitting ahead to the next tree. At one point they had me surrounded; behind, in front, to the side.

Then a female gold finch joined in the fun, hopping and flying on the ground, holding a 10 foot buffer between us as it chirped and hopped in the grass just next to the trail.

When I stopped and stood watching them, they watched me. They didn't bother flying until I moved, and they only flew far enough ahead to create a distance that I would breech in a few steps, only to fly again to the next tree.

Just like the dolphin in the open ocean off Hawaii who glided by just inches from my out-stretched fingers...