Monday, April 22, 2013

Contrast as a Tool: What You Don't Want Is Good For You

The Law of Attraction is frequently cited for it's positive approach to creating our life, focusing on where we are going and the mindset that will make it possible. Along with this Law is the fact that the Universe is constantly showing us the opposite by default. The opposite to what we want is called "contrast."

The benefit of the appearance in our lives of contrasts to what we want, when the uncomfortable things show up in our lives, is that it crystallizes what it is that we do want. Along with the vision of what we want that shows up in the face of the contrast to what we want comes the feelings and core values that drive our best desires. Contrast can be the cattle prod to our core values and ultimate potential, waking us up to what is possible, and waking us up to the joy and passion that comes from living out those values and potential.

When a problem  or challenge shows up, you can look for the best part of you, your core values, that want to rise to the occasion. Thank the challenges for waking you up to your best. Then you can test the truth of these values by moving into action that will make it happen.