Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Year - New Day

Tomorrow starts a new week and a new day, after the last few days of holiday relaxation. Part of my work this week was developing a business plan for first quarter 2010. It's exciting to look at the possibilities and then begin to imagine the ways that those results can be manifest with a more detailed plan.

This is a result of looking at things from the end. By looking at the desired results we can move into the entire spectrum of opportunities and ways to express.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Source of Limiting Thoughts

I was thinking about Michael Beckwith's movie, Spiritual Liberation, in particular his thoughts about ego and essence, and how they show up. The gist of his talk was that the egoic mind is what holds us back, and essence is what expands our life in all ways; in how we relate to each other, in our sense of personal abilities, our capacity for prosperity and healing, etc.

So it seems to me to come down to a test of limitations. A litmus test that can tell me when my thoughts come from egoic mind and when they come from my authentic self, my essence. And usually we can feel it in our body as well.

The concept that "when I am in limiting thoughts I might be in ego" could be used as an indicator, a barometer of
the source of my consciousness. If I am in limiting thought, then I am in the egoic mind. When I am feeling free and unlimited thought, I am coming from my authentic self, my essence.

What are some of the limiting thoughts that I experience? They could have some of these emotions involved:
  • Fear
  • Inadequacy
  • unlovable
  • Insecure
  • Guilt
Just by becoming aware of the types of emotions that show up in my body and mind, I can have the opportunity to redirect, to ignore, to move back to my authentic essence as my source of unlimited thoughts.

Therein lies the challenge when immersed in a "reasonable" world.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Corporate Small Group Book Study

I'd like to share with you the advantages of, and the process of implementing a small group culture shift from my company, Inspiring Connection. This applies to authors of corporate improvement books, trainers, developers, and the companies they serve.

Working with Inspiring Connection would be a powerful tool for your company to create a truly comprehensive culture shift at all levels of the company in addition to a company's prime movers that consultants lead and train in company strategy.

Programs created by Inspiring Connection address the entire company when integrating new information and corporate culture by including all employees in small group discussions that are not curriculum based. This augments the original training for top executives conducted by the consultant.

All too frequently, attempts at culture shift falls to the wayside when there is resistance from the employees who were not initially engaged in the discussion and training. If they are not invested, they are less likely to act. This could result in minimal impact on the client company in the long run, and the culture shift is sometimes abandoned. Inspiring Connection can engage all levels of a company to empower and embrace the program, resulting in;
  • 90% reduction in the time required for company wide buy in
  • 80% to 95% cost savings over traditional training and development methods (for mid-level and front line staff)
  • Develop peer respect and inter-departmental trust
  • 100% accuracy of information dissemination (nothing is lost in the translation from top down)
  • 100% active participation and engagement for all relevant employees in concepts and practices
  • Create a common knowledge base for all employees
I am happy to work with companies and consultants to customize a program for their needs. The initial contact would include:
  • An evaluation of the company's goals and implementation needs
  • A description of how I would address their needs
  • Exploration of how best to customize the program as necessary
After a contract is agreed to, a licensing agreement and contract is signed.
Materials and manual are delivered in digital format.
Continued consulting to assist with implementation (up to 2 hours) will be included.
Exit evaluation surveys for participants will be compiled and reported to the company.

This will assist any consultant by compressing the timeline of impact.

I am very passionate about the programs that I create and the impact they have on a community. I believe in the power and wisdom that people find in speaking, and the connection and respect they develop hearing their colleagues.

He's Baa-aack

It's amazing how long since I made an entry! October 7. Wow.

Most of October was spent in preparation for my trip to Florida and the South East Unity Regional Conference. I felt very successful at the conference with the contacts that I was able to make and the clients that I met. In addition, the conference coordinator asked if I would like to conduct a workshop at next year's conference in Naples, FL. I'm very excited at the prospect. Looking forward to it.

I also spent a few days on the beach at Siesta Key, FL. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there is also speculation about it being an energy vortex. I felt a sense of that upon my arrival, just standing on the beach as the sun was going down. I found myself a bit overwhelmed by it, and seeking a vibrational harmony with this energy. My intention was to allow the energy to set the tone for my energy.

I felt like I had assimilated "island time" rather quickly, and my goal was to sit in the sun, sit in the water, float on the ocean all day. Enjoy the sunset each night. Repeat as necessary. Next year it will be a full 10 days, and I am already looking forward to it.

But more importantly, I bring that attitude home with me, and I look for opportunities to observe and appreciate this world and this life that I lead. With just a look in my memory banks, I feel that calm energy that flows from the sea and the sun, a breeze softening every moment.