Thursday, April 23, 2009

In your approach during your typical day, how much of your life is determined by your role? How much is a result of your true nature and essence?

How often do I start the day, from the moment I wake up, thinking about my business or other roles in which I function? I noticed that this morning, how focused I was on my to-do list, and trying to figure out how I was going to fulfill my role as a writer of Small Group Homestudies. And how am I going to market this wonderful product? When would I have time to do both?

I took a moment to
really step back, look at who I am in this moment, nurture that part of me before stepping into my work day. There are several results from this self-focus.
  • I come at my work with integrity
  • I have greater access to my wisdom
  • I am much kinder to myself
  • I am more focused, having given myself support
  • I am much more present to my clients and business partners
  • I am authentic
I can see that this will take practice, because part of my job is to anticipate others' needs, and to figure out how to address those needs and desires. The old tendency was to try to be the chameleon and be all things to all people. Now I can settle into my own skin and be who I am in all that I do, so that I can attract the perfect customer to me who wants exactly what I have to offer. I can offer it with passion, and that shows.

I'm not just selling a product. I'm selling a gift. I keep my eye on that gift as an extension of myself, not the other way around.
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One Love

Monday, April 13, 2009

Now and then

As I strive to step into this moment, I open the field of Quantum physics. As I compress my need to know and define what is here, I open my mind to all possibilities. In quantum physics, the field of possibilities is infinite. At all times, the field is wide open, with no obstacles, no limitations. Until. Until the field collapses to one singularity of existence. And the only thing which collapses that field of possiblities to one inevitability is my belief. I decide what the choice will be when I decide what the choice will be. How many times is it my highest good?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Acceptance for Michael J. Fox

I was watching Micahael J. Fox, diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1991, in a recent interview, fielding the usual questions about "how do you go on, how do you keep going the way you do?" As anyone who has been through a rough patch knows, you just do. Or you don't.

But Michael said something that encourages me in my latest endeavor to practice acceptance. He said that when he got the diagnosis, he realized that it is what it is. He said it isn't good or bad, it just is. And once he was able to accept that as what is, it opened the doors to all sorts of possibilities.

It opened the doors to all sorts of possibilities. As we learned in Gary Simmons' book The I of the Storm, the field of possibilities that exist as a principle of quantum mechanics is always available to us until we choose one belief. If Michael had decided that he was ineffective as a human being, or a father, or a force in the world, then the infinite field of possibilities would have collapsed to one possibility. Then all the doors that he sees now would have been closed, holding
under lock and key the amazing array of treasures awaiting him .

When we accept what is, what comes to us, what we are, then the doors are flung open for infinite possibilities. Our treasures await us.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yesterday and today, I've been working on talking points for a radio interview on WAIF for the program Life is Meant to Be Good. I don't know when we'll record or when it will air, but I'll keep you up to date. I'm really excited about having a chance to talk about my Homestudy programs, and I really appreciate George Whitton for having me on.

I am now promoting and using my Homestudy program for Steve Sherwood's book, Finding Freedom: The Five Choices That Will Change Your Life. There are several groups that are already forming around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. There is room for more people, when you are ready to participate. Just send me an email (click here) . or call me at 859 635-5599. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover what the book can transform in your life.

A regional coordinator for Unity churches is interested in promoting my Homestudy The I of the Storm on a regional level and a national level. She is interested in taking it to the national conference this year to introduce it as a powerful peacemaking tool for communities.

A national cancer support non-profit has expressed an interest in purchasing a Homestudy for Jeremy Geffen's book The Journey Through Cancer. I think this will be a perfect book to introduce their clients to the philosophy of the organization because it reflects their mission so clearly. It would be such a privilege to serve and help cancer survivors find their power through the journey. For those who haven't been through the journey, that might sound a bit strange, but there are the "ironic gifts" of cancer that are undeniable.

I started out on a walk with my dog, Rudy, down the road. My plan was to drive up to a kite festival when our walk was over, but my plans were deligthfully changed when I ran into a couple of neighbors who I so rarely get to chat with. So we discussed the world, family, the choice of happiness in our lives, and just really got a chance to connect. By the time I returned to my house, it was too late for the festival, and I figured I had come out ahead.

Sometimes when we lose our plan, a better plan can show up. But if we are attached to that first plan, everything else seems like an obstacle instead of a gift.

This is the gift of my out of town trips in the last couple of months, a gift of unattachment to what I expect. A new way to roll.
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One Love