Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Talking Yourself U.P.

We all want to start our day waking up energized and excited about our day, don't we? One of the great benefits of knowing and living your Zone of Brilliance is that the morning jump start happens a lot!

But what about when it doesn't? What happens on those days when I feel like a slug? And not just physically slug-y, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, too? How do we get that enthusiasm kick started?

Last night my car went to sleep before I got home, so I called AAA, and a guy came out with this battery jumper that had all the power in the world to charge up a car.

Wouldn't it be nice to have something like that for my mornings? (No, I don't drink coffee :)

I do have a jump start! It's a morning ritual of Talking Myself U.P.!

Some days I am on fire when I wake up, excited about my day and my work, and some days, weelll. . . . not so much. And on the not so much days, I go on a rampage of appreciation, or I just start affirming all the greatness of my day, all the great things that I can make room for, all the ways that I can be U.P.:
  • Universally Positive
  • Unlimited Prosperity
  • Universe's Pet Project
  • Unfettered Power
  • Unusually Productive
  • Upper Possibilities
  • Uninhibited Playfulness
  • Uniquely Passionate
  • Ultimately Plentiful
  • Utterly Pleased
Just start talking to yourself. Somebody's listening! You can make a difference - in yourself, and THEN the world.

Talk Yourself U.P.!

P.S. Can you think of some more U.P.s?