Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meanings: Yours or Mine?

Meanings: Yours or Mine?

From within our own experience, we each get the fun of making decisions and the diversity of the results of those decisions. The experience can be joy and achievement, failure and disappointment. 

We also choose what anything means. 

We choose what success means and what failure means, and the experience will change accordingly. 

You might make the mistake of thinking, or believing, that there is only one meaning for each experience for all people. You might get in the rut of thinking that everyone "should" have the meaning that you have settled on. 

How many meanings are out there floating around among 7 billion people? And who is the arbitrator of meanings? 

And where did you get your meaning? Did you choose it, or did you adopt it? Did you accept the reasoning or the righteousness of the meaning that you adopted? Was it consciously accepted?  Was the meaning adopted merely based on the source?

What about now? Can you replace certainty with curiosity? In any particular situation, can you think of 6 other meanings for that event/action/statement?

Most importantly, what is the meaning for you? Not anyone else. You. 

Meanings: Yours or Mine?