Friday, July 19, 2013

Dam That Abundance!

Dam That Abundance!

The law of circulation is known to be powerful for attracting abundance in our lives, and yet, is it an equation of balance? Must we give everything we receive? Maybe not entirely...

Of course, we want to experience the flow of abundance THROUGH us. And, most of us would also like to experience a bit of security and peace of mind that comes with a reserve of abundance that is already on hand for any upcoming expenses. And it would be great to have a reserve of abundance that would allow for desires that arrive in our minds and hearts, with little delay in manifestation. A version of immediate gratification, right?

What does that look like to you? How does it align with the law of circulation?

If we think of this flow of abundance as a river, then we participate in that flow with the acceptance and receiving of the abundance that is possible as we flow that abundance into the world in the ways that we choose. I get this part, and I love it when it shows up in my life.

It occurred to me that when there is a flow of abundance, to use the anaolgy of a river, a lake might be created with a dam, and perhaps a hydroelectric plant built to take advantage of this reservoir. As the lake is filled, the energy that is possible as it flows through the system benefits many. That energy flows out beyond the river valley, and allows many positive things to happen.

When it comes to the law of circulation, there is no limit to abundance. Our imagination is the resource for creating that flow, and with the mindset of a reservoir, we can then imagine and manifest the unlimited rainfall that fills our cup.

This reservoir creates a consistent flow so the lake withstands floods or droughts without serious effect.

What a great concept! I love it! Now that I have a mental picture, my mindset and visioning of abundance can much more easily include the abundance reservoir that brings ease and grace into my life, and to everyone around me. 

My new home is on Lake Abundance. Care to join me?

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