Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am happy to begin my blog today for Inspiring Connection, and to welcome you to my world. My intention here is to share my insights and the way my mind takes in this world from a spiritual perspective in a physical world; and sometimes a physical perspective in a spiritual world. I would love any comments that you have.
I found myself, on the 40 minute drive home from a fabulous evening of music playing, dreading the idea of another 50 or 60 minute (with good taffic) drive in the morning for a networking meeting that I would love to attend if I could teleport. But the prospect of that morning "commute" seemed to drag me down. As I approached my sanctuary, I decided it wasn't worth it. I could change my mind in the morning, but the point is that I am paying attention to what my feelings are when I consider a prospective action.
As I came in the door, I realized that it is also my choice as to what my attitude is about that prospective action. Why do I dread it? What bothers me about it? Why do I pay attention to that? How does it serve me?

It had been weeks since I was able to join my friends in the Glendale Guitar Guild (G3). I found myself able to sink into the moment and swim in the music, feel the synchronicity that is live music. Through most of my life, I was convinced I had little musical ability, focusing on my visual artistry instead. But in the past few years, I released the bounds of convention and judgement so that I could "play". Just enjoy what I do, whether it is of a professional polish or not. Creative outlets are one of my core values, and I decided that as long as these guys accept me into their magic, I will participate. And I let the music wash over me, drawing me in, holding my focus, in the moment.

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