Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Work on the book program for Steve Sherwood's book Finding Freedom; The Five Choices That Will Change Your Life is going very well, and is on track to be completed by the end of the month/year. I am ready for purchase and implemented by a client with a national reputation. Even more exciting is the actual work of designing these programs. I can work into the night without getting tired. That's a passion.

I realized how much passion I have for my work, and how easily I can get drawn into it. One of my resistances to that is that I am concerned that I would forget self in that passion, in the work. As that thought came to me, I also realized that it is as much about balance as it is about forgetting Self. One of my ways of being has been to find ways to divert my attention, to relax with distractions. Many times, these behaviors were resorted to out of fear that there would be no time for Self. But if I look at my life with an intention of balance, then I won't resist, I won't react out of fear, and I will have greater control over the time that I am working. If I plan for balance and the activities that create balance, I will be free to focus fully on the task at hand; success. Taking control with intention to create balance in my life will reduce the feeling of loss of control.

But maybe the first step is the acceptance that I don't have control. Accept that I am riding a current. A very strong and powerful current when I am in tune with it.

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