Monday, October 21, 2013

Who Do Ya Love?

It all starts here.

As I do more and more coaching work with others, it is clearer and clearer for me that it all starts right here.  Say that for yourself: "It all starts right here."  We can't start out there without enough right here to give.

Have you found it difficult at times to have kindness and compassion for others? Take a look at your "love-tank," and get a gauge on how full or empty it is.

Self love could be the secret to loving your life. Finding the kindness, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself is the first step to creating joy in our lives.

I like to adapt the sentence, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." With a few words added, it points at another element of that "equation." For me, it makes sense to say, "You can love your neighbor only as much as you love yourself."

And loving yourself makes it so much easier and fun! When we are loving ourselves, we fill the well of our kindness and compassion that we can then give to others, and we are confident and generous when we do.

Even though we know it's important to love thy neighbor, it all starts at home. How are you treating yourself? Just for today, can you really love yourself?

Pretend you're talking a to a five year old version of yourself and see how kind and loving you are. Even in the most challenging moments of your day, what would you say to the five year old self?

Self-love is not egotistical. It is the most important focus to fill you love tank. That's the tank from which we give to others. And it's the source of our greatest joy.

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