Monday, August 12, 2013

Unraveling The Ball of Rubber Bands

A Ball of Rubber Bands

During the Question & Answer segment of my webinar, I had a wonderful question from Beth:

"Sometimes people get into a place where they are like this big ball of rubber bands wrapped around each other, like some people collect and have on their desk. And each of these rubber bands are the things that keep this person from moving toward what it is that they truly want. It seems like there is this endless number of rubber bands, or issues, or obstacles, to unravel. It can seem overwhelming to even begin the process, and to believe that there is an end in sight. What do you say to someone in that place?"

I love this question! It really points out how important it is to have an observer in our lives to help us to see both sides of the equation when it comes to discovering our greatness.

Yes, the ball is a great analogy for all the things in our lives that can effect our ability and capacity for expressing our greatness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Yet, this is only a partial analogy.

The ball of rubber bands does not represent the core of each person that is screaming to get out and be expressed! The key perspective is to be able to see both parts of the ball; the rubber bands on the outside, and the unlimited and powerful core of a unique human potential to create on the inside.  Once we include that human powerhouse to the model, there are now two forces at work.

It requires attention to all the parts to bring freedom to the individual; unraveling the ropes and rubber bands that hold us back, as well as cultivating and nurturing the indomitable human spirit that wants to be free and express all that is possible.

That's the magic of Transformation Coaching.

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To your greatness,
Larry Watson

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