Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dragging It Around

Waking up in the morning, thoughts of yesterday float through my head. And something that I regret, some little (or big) thing that I did or didn’t do, gives me a sense of remorse, maybe even guilt. Maybe in some small way I judge myself, condemn myself and look for a way of punishing myself. 

Sound familiar?

I’ve already pulled out the bat and began to beat myself up over the things done and undone. And the greatest punishment that I seemed compelled to perpetuate is the act/inaction of repeating it. Is that really necessary? Really?

What is the new attitude that will allow the release of these obstacles and momentum?

Today is a new day. I start fresh today, with the grace of an open window called today. Bringing yesterday in through that window is totally unnecessary! Each day, the grace of this Universe allows us to start fresh, without a tally of wrongs and inadequacies. Start fresh with an eye on our potential and power, the shining light of all that we were born as. 

Take off the dark glasses of ego-imposed judgment, no longer ground-focused, and look up at all the choices that serve joyful intentions and core values.

The bat I was using was the bat of the perpetuation of sabotaging my self-actualizing. It’s not only a matter of “doing” the things that are in alignment with my purpose and joy, but rather a process of forgiveness and letting go of the self-imposed sentence of a poor set of directions in conflict with my internal GPS.

This is the open door to the grace of our  untapped potential, and  the unleashing of our greatness. When we leave the guilt and resentment at the threshold, this day, this hour is the door to our present joy.

I am here for you when you need the support to create that joy.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder - every day is a new day, every hour a new hour, every minute a new minute, and every moment a new opportunity for change. Those ole' bats just keep bringing up the past which is over. How many times must we punish ourselves with guilt, regret, judgement?