Thursday, October 17, 2013

When Do I Make That Decision?


My clients spend a lot of time imagining their dreams and what they would truly Love to have in their lives, and yet, there is one missing ingredient in that process. This ingredient is the difference between having our dreams come true and watching them float by on a cloud of time passing.

When we are inspired to our best, or even to serve others, there is a certain time frame when that inspiration will serve us and allow us to create from our best-version-of-ourselves.

One success guru recently wrote that the people that have achieved the greatest level of success are those that take action. Sounds pretty simple, right? And he said that the action they take is within 24 hours of the opportunity that shows up. The Universe is constantly sending us wonderful opportunities to receive exactly what we say we want, and so many times we put it off, defer to a mentality of  "if it is meant to be, it will be there tomorrow."

A friend of mine just told me about research discovering that when we are so inspired in this way, if we do not take action by the count of 4, then we won’t take any action. That means 5 seconds after an inspiring heart opening, if no action is taken it is null and void. WOW! So what have you been inspired by lately that you didn’t act upon? How quickly will you act today to be sure 5 seconds don’t pass?

The simplest action is a mental action of saying yes. That's it. That's the 4 second action. The next action is to do the physical action that will get you closer to your dreams.

If you're ready to make a powerful, positive change in your life, take action.

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