Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unlimited Parts

How often do I look at what I do and criticize? Not enough. Less than them. Comparisons, judgments, perfectionism, etc. Who knows what's going to show up? Am I even aware of these parts?

These parts are all about the physical world. This is a world of limitations.

There are parts of our world that are unlimited. There are parts of me that are unlimited. Parts of you that are unlimited.

I have a choice to look at those unlimited parts and choose them as my motivation and intention. I have a choice to see the potential in myself and accept it as my inheritance to express in any moment.

From that unlimited potential, the limited parts lose their power. I have re-set my intention to one of possibilities.

See it often.

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1 comment:

Nyleen said...

Well said Larry. Now if I could only accept that there are no limitations, instead of always believing I am what I am and don't try to go outside the box. Now, if I could just stop criticizing myself, perhaps I would get further than I am now in life....It's very hard for me to find interests and hobbies, which I am trying to focus on lately....
Thanks for your words of wisdom.