Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz talks about the zigzag path that we all take to our goal. Like a sailboat on the sea, it rarely is going directly in a straight line to the destination. It requires many corrections.

Last night I had a dream of climbing a mountain and then seeing a trail map after the fact that showed our path. It wasn't a straight line.

It was a combination of directions, rarely in a direct line with the goal of the pinnacle, numerous switchbacks. Such a great metaphor, and one that I prefer to the sailboat heading across the sea.

Climbing a mountain is hard, and it can wear us out, become dangerous, if we try to take it on without consideration of our limitations or the obstacles. But paying attention to the really steep parts, we can continue to make progress up the mountain by taking a path across the mountain.

It can look like we're not moving toward our destination, our goal. It looks like I am going the other way, and that the goal is slipping out of sight.

When we are patient and constantly moving with the intention of reaching the top, anything is possible.

This is really useful to me so that I can be gentle with myself when progress seems elusive, when the path doesn't seem to be going to the top. I can be more patient knowing that progress isn't only made in the direction of the goal, but in the intention and persistence. Keep moving the feet, keep my eye on the prize.

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