Saturday, October 9, 2010


Spiritual Partnership book study based on Gary Zukav's book has multiple references to compassion. As I've discussed this in a couple of circles, compassion is an often used word that is not clear. It's meaning is a bit illusive.

When we are having compassion for someone;
-It's not feeling what the other person is feeling. That would be sympathy. We can never know what they are feeling. Besides, how does that help them? Does it serve them to jump in with them when they fall down a well?
-It's not feeling sorry for them. That requires a perspective of superiority. it also implies that there is something wrong with them.
-It's not identifying with them and telling them, "Yeah, that happened to me..."
-It's not giving advice and trying to fix them or their situation. They're not broken. They never were.
-It's not taking sides.

What is left? What is our intention when we are feeling compassion?

Continued tomorrow....
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