Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Small Group Intensives in Corporate Culture Shift

Working with Inspiring Connection would be a powerful tool for you to create a truly comprehensive culture shift at all levels of the company in addition to a company's prime movers that a consultant leads and.

All too frequently, attempts at culture shift falls to the wayside when there is resistance from the employees who were not initially engaged in the discussion and training. If they are not invested, they are less likely to act. This could result in minimal impact on the client company in the long run, and the culture shift is sometimes abandoned. Inspiring Connection can engage all levels of a company to empower and embrace the program, resulting in;

  • 90% reduction in the time required for company wide buy-in: Typical company culture shift takes 3 years from the time of the consultant training through “trickle down” methods. Inspiring Connection creates corporate inteligence in 2 months.
  • 80% to 95% cost savings over traditional training and development methods (for mid-level and front line staff) by focusing the training on level C executives, and using Small Group Intensives for the balance of the company.
  • Develop peer respect and inter-departmental trust – team building through common purpose and wisdom sharing.
  • 100% accuracy of information dissemination (nothing is lost in the translation from top down): By using the original training material for all participants, the burden of accurate information is released from the executive level.
  • 100% active participation and engagement for all relevant employees in concepts and practices: hands-on implementation of the materials and real-time feedback engage all employees.
  • Create a common knowledge base for all employees: common language gets everyone on the same page, with the least amount of effort.

I am very passionate about the programs that I create and the impact they have on a community. I believe in the power and wisdom that people find in speaking their own wisdom, and the connection and respect they develop hearing their colleagues.

Larry Watson


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