Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today was a Sabbath day for me, a time to stop the clock, allow no-time to dominate, to live in a field of non-judgment where productivity is a non-issue. This, my friends, is a serious challenge. For me. What about you?

As the evening settles in and the sun gently falls to it's nightly rest, I look at the precious minutes left and wonder what I will do with them. What was my goal in this day of non-doing? Perhaps the goal was experiencing my self without demands. Experiencing myself without pushing the envelope, without any benchmarks of accomplishment. What an unfamiliar paradigm.

Even in non-doing, I realize I had set up expectations of accomplishment. I was going to: read some inspirational material, write some revelations, meditate, exercise, and solve all of my issues. Ha.

So now I look back on the day and realize that some was done and some was not. Where is the value in each?

Done: Prayer, meditation, writing, exercise.
What was not done: yes. exactly.

The exercise of not-doing is in non-judgment, in acceptance of self and circumstances and inertia. Sitting in inertia (the property of an object to remain at rest or to remain in motion) is rife with self-judgment fro me. The visual for me is of a marble that has come to a stop, and a million ideas swatting at the marble to get it moving in a direction.

That's an interesting turn of phrase: direction. So is that the source of discomfort? Lack of direction? Hmmm. . . .

Above all, I am learning from the experience through awareness. And this day of rest has revived me, leaving me restless and eager to DO. Tomorrow is another day.

PS I welcome any comments. . . .

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Laurie Meseroll said...

Not so much a comment, just a note to say that I'm listening :)