Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Layer

This morning I was exploring in my head all the implications of being vs. doing. It seemed triggered by a recent comment from a friend; "You are the sum of your choices." But I started thinking about those choices and how they were the precursors to certain actions that can alter the course of our lives. And where we end up is a result of those choices.

But are we the result of those actions and choices? Is who we are based on what we do?

I would say that traditional thought would give "YES" as the absolute answer to that question. And traditional thought evaluated our character and our essence by what we do, what our actions created.

Yet, I am struck by the thought that our essence, our being, is not at all reliant on the actions that we undertake. From a being perspective, is any action even required?

Case in point; children. As young children, did we have any evaluation of self or others based on actions and choices? Considering that a young child forgives within minutes, I would say that the answer is no. There was no consideration of the results of our doing, the doing was the complete reward and goal. Our value was not in the least associated with what we did.

That is the purest example of our essence and our being. We only add judgement to our actions as we learn them from those we admire. And then that judgement shifts from being to doing.

Another way to look at it: What remains when all the doing is stripped away? What if all of the choices and results are erased from our chalkboard of life? What if we have absolutely nothing to show for all that we have done? What remains is the being that is timeless and unquestionably priceless.

The fact is, in my mind, that I am not the sum of all of my choices. Rather, my life is the sum of all of my choices; I am always complete and priceless, without lifting a finger.

Another case of mental vertigo, when the basis of life is shifted to an unfamiliar paradigm. But with that shift is an incredible gift of freedom from past judgments, and even freedom from time. Try it.

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