Wednesday, June 17, 2009


After a generous evening of musical instruction from a kind, generous, and incredibly talented friend, I was discouraged. I realized that this friend had intended to help me, but my goal was to show that I was a good musician on my own. He gave me a wake up call that I was not a musician of his caliber, and that my desire to be included was a bit ambitious at this point in my learning curve.

The fact is, I had not aspired to that level of performance until I had begun to play with other musicians in public. This was quite the stretch for me, way out of my comfort zone. But I pushed myself, set aside my fears, and jumped in with both feet.

I was stroking my ego with the positive response, and feeding my joy with the simple pleasure of creating music with the synergy of other live musicians. What a blast!

I can feel the correction to my ego after last evening, and I know that this is a small bump in the road. I am determined to see where I can go with the musical talent that I have been given. I have decided to let my own light shine. Let the chips fall where they may. And I will focus on the joy that I derive from the experience.


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