Wednesday, June 17, 2009


“ ...what I focus on in life is what I get. And if I concentrate on how bad I am or how wrong I am or how inadequate I am, if I concentrate on what I can’t do and how there’s not enough time in which to do it, isn’t that what I get every time? And when I think about how powerful I am, and when I think about what I have left to contribute, and when I think about the difference I can make on this planet, then that’s what I get. You see, I recognize that it’s not what happens to you; it’s what you do about it.”

-- W. Mitchell

Focus is apparently one of my challenges in life, and one that I am practicing much more than ever. Right now, a large part of my focus intention is to remain on task when I am working, or even doing something for fun. It seems that I had a fear of not being involved in everything, so my old tendency was to try to do it all, while accomplishing nothing. But now I create a focus in the morning and I am much more successful with the positive outcomes.

The quote above empowers me to go further and include the focus of abundance and joy and service in my life. Sometimes I tell myself that I am stuck with this bad mood, and other times I can tell myself to STOP and replace the old thoughts (they are just thoughts) with new thoughts that are much more fun and easy.

It's ironic that I haven't mastered this practice, that reminders like the quote above are always useful and helpful for me to change my life.

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