Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue Ocean Strategy

I've been reading Blue Ocean Strategy, and I am amazed at the paradigm shift that it embodies.

A week ago I was talking to a marketing expert, Marjorie, and as I described the marketplace that I am working in, she asked who my competition was. I said, one person in California, and she can't work on this full time. Marjorie said, "It sounds like you found a Blue Ocean."

So I went on Amazon and bought the book, Blue Ocean Strategy, and I am totally pumped with the authors' complete analysis and process driven exploration of the "Uncontested Marketplace" phenomenon. The epitome of a Blue Ocean is the one that Cirque de Soleil created with their totally unprecedented entertainment.

As I read this, I am realizing the opportunity to create a Small Group Book Study -slash- MasterMind group that can allow the members to help each other to put into practice all the processes described in the book. Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders alike would love to have this process in their arsenal, and at such an opportune time in the economy. This is the ideal time to start a business, or launch a new initiative. And to use this process would definitely improve the profit margin, and odds of success.

I will be pitching it to a couple networking groups, like LSS and Legacy Connections.

If you are interested, please comment/send an email. This will take place in central Cincinnati.
If you have read Blue Ocean Strategy, I would love to hear your comments. Tell me.

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