Thursday, April 23, 2009

In your approach during your typical day, how much of your life is determined by your role? How much is a result of your true nature and essence?

How often do I start the day, from the moment I wake up, thinking about my business or other roles in which I function? I noticed that this morning, how focused I was on my to-do list, and trying to figure out how I was going to fulfill my role as a writer of Small Group Homestudies. And how am I going to market this wonderful product? When would I have time to do both?

I took a moment to
really step back, look at who I am in this moment, nurture that part of me before stepping into my work day. There are several results from this self-focus.
  • I come at my work with integrity
  • I have greater access to my wisdom
  • I am much kinder to myself
  • I am more focused, having given myself support
  • I am much more present to my clients and business partners
  • I am authentic
I can see that this will take practice, because part of my job is to anticipate others' needs, and to figure out how to address those needs and desires. The old tendency was to try to be the chameleon and be all things to all people. Now I can settle into my own skin and be who I am in all that I do, so that I can attract the perfect customer to me who wants exactly what I have to offer. I can offer it with passion, and that shows.

I'm not just selling a product. I'm selling a gift. I keep my eye on that gift as an extension of myself, not the other way around.
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