Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last weekend I presented a three day workshop on pottery and sculpture to a diverse group of 10 artists in Connecticut, at Wesleyan Potters. It was truly amazing experience to be of service and to offer up everything I knew. The realization was that, if I can be my authentic self, I can connect totally with all of these people, and I can receive everything they have to offer.

It was a liberating weekend, for some reason. I think that, in combination with the recent trip to Hawaii, it was a totally disorienting month that required me to really let go of control; control of the time, of where I am, what conditions that I will be living and working in, location on the planet.

It felt like a boggle game where the dice were completely shook up and when everything settled, there is a whole new set of possibilities. And the realization that there will always be a whole new set of possibiities every time the game is shook up opens up a new acceptance of uncertainty.

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