Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slow Down Challenge

This afternoon, I decided to slow down a little. I realized that I seemed to always be rushing from one activity to another. Even going from work to a gorgeous walk. Sometimes I am so grateful when my dog Rudy takes a detour, and I have to stop and wait. That's when I notice what is around me. Or stopping as I get out of the car and the stars are painting the sky.

Just fixing dinner, to slow down as I went to the spice rack, to walk to the cabinet a little gentler, to sit down in the chair and notice my body folding and bending. It continued into the evening. What I noticed was how I moved into the moment when I slowed down. I can't slow down without becoming aware of the present.

And everything seemed smoother, more graceful, more natural. It seemed to calm me down, to find a little peace in the conscious activity of day to day, just by slowing down a little.

So my challenge to you, the Watson Challenge, is to slow down everything you do. Just for one day. Not a lot, not slow motion, just a little slower. Just enough to become present. Let me know how it goes.

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