Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crisis - or not?

I was reading an article about crisis that cited this definition:
crisis: a decisive or critical moment.

I don't know about you, but crisis always possessed a negative impact in my mind.

It never occurred to me that it would mean a point of decision, or a tipping point.

When I think of the word crisis, I imagine several exclaimation points behind it.


For me it indicated that things are on the verge of absolute disaster, that the balance of the universe was a-kilter, that the peace and calm had been shattered and only bad things could come from this.

But "a decisive or critical moment" might mean that it is a point of opportunity. It might mean that things are coming to a fork in the road,where we are responsible for a choice that will determine the future.

And such points of decision could be in the face of pure joy and peace, couldn't it? Well, no, I can't think of an instance, but if crisis is not about a judgment of the situation, then a fork in the road can show up in any number of forms, people, moods, feelings, thoughts.... Including fun ones.

Does that mean that all chaos presents an opportunity for a decisive moment? What if I looked at all chaotic and challenging moments as a crisis of decision and choice, a critical point to jump on one side of a fence or the other?

Intimidating for me. I'm not big on decisions. I have found that I have a big part of the 7 in the Enneagram that doesn't like to choose because then I would no longer have all the other choices available to me.

Looks like this is a great opportunity to make a decision about what I think a crisis actually is. It's a positive thing, right? I'll keep telling myself that, act on that premise, and see how my life changes with that realization.

What about you? What did the word "crisis" mean to you? What will you do with that now?

Peace & Joy

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