Monday, March 8, 2010

Personality Is A Tool

"Most of us are better, wiser, stronger, mor competent right now than we realize. Creating a better self-image does not create new abilities, talents, powers; it releases and utilizes them. -Maxwell Maltz

Creating a better self-image isn't a process of plastering an image over what we are at the core, our Real Self. Creating a better self image is about being willing to see that we are more than our own mind has led us to believe.

We can look at ourselves from the view of where we were and allow ourselves to be fooled into believing this is all that is possible. We can assume that this is the best we can do, unless we recieve additional knowledge and wisdom from outside of ourselves. Or that something or someone can suddenly make us greater.

But all of that is useless without the true potentiality of those gifts existing within us right now. All the power and talent that we could ever possess is the potential that already exists within us. And self-image can be subservient to that potential, if we choose, or it can be our despot.

By creating a better self-image in our minds, we create the conduit for those talents and powers to be released.

Seems like a "chicken and egg" paradox.

But once we see our potential as much greater than we could ever fully empower, then our self-image will naturally expand to reflect that potential..

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