Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Personality Is A Tool 2

"We can change our personality, but not our basic self. Personality is a tool, and outlet, a focal point of the self that we use in dealing with the world."

Our Real Self is always within, and so much more than we can even conceive of ourselves to be.

Over time, we have chosen our personality as a way to express ourselves, and way too often, to protect ourselves. Most of us, if not all, have found ways to be safe in what seemed like dangerous situations, and they were effective. We wouldn't have developed those habits if they were not effective in some situation.

But that personality trait is not necessarily useful any more, and it may not express our Real Self. Especially if we have used it to protect our Real Self from a perceived danger.

But what if we can choose right now to use our personality as the expression, the outlet, of our Real Self? What if I look at who I really am, the full potential and talents and powers that are within me, as the incentive and model for developing my personality? What if I am no longer a slave to the habits and attitudes that I learned somewhere else? What if personality is a tool for expressing the best within me?

The personality is merely a tool for expressing my authentic self.

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