Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Self Discipline

What do you think of when you hear "self-discipline?" For me, it usually brought up a lot of guilt for the times when I didn't practice it. Matt Morris talks about it in The Unemployed Millionaire as a phrase that left him feeling less-than. But maybe it doesn't have to be so.

I've decided that self-discipline is actually self love. Self discipline is required for accomplishing goals that feed us. We have certain goals that we look to because we think they will make us feel really good. We might feel good about ourselves, or what the goals do for others in our life, but there is a great feeling associated with achieving goals.

As we envision those goals, there is a drive to attain the goals that is based on our concept of prosperity. That prosperity is not necessarily money, but a richness of life, a richness of quality of life.

In attaining our goals, we gift ourselves with what is in our higher good. We experience the power of the universe at our fingertips, knowing the universe is only too happy to oblige us with the things that make us happy.

If we gifted someone in our lives with the attainment of their goals, wouldn't that be a sign of love? It is a clear sign of honoring and respecting that person by helping them become all that they are capable of.

So what happens when we gift ourselves with the very same goals? When we follow through on a plan, we are not only ensuring that our self love is expressed in the accomplishment of a goal, but that the love for Self is being expressed in every step of the way. That is the expression of love that is our opportunity to experience. The process is a constant self love that is waiting to be appreciated.

So now I try to look at all opportunities, commitments, even to-do lists of tasks as ways that I can show my self that I am worthy and loved. It becomes a loop of energy and love that is only present when I am aware of how I am expressing through the actions of my day.

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