Friday, November 6, 2009

He's Baa-aack

It's amazing how long since I made an entry! October 7. Wow.

Most of October was spent in preparation for my trip to Florida and the South East Unity Regional Conference. I felt very successful at the conference with the contacts that I was able to make and the clients that I met. In addition, the conference coordinator asked if I would like to conduct a workshop at next year's conference in Naples, FL. I'm very excited at the prospect. Looking forward to it.

I also spent a few days on the beach at Siesta Key, FL. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there is also speculation about it being an energy vortex. I felt a sense of that upon my arrival, just standing on the beach as the sun was going down. I found myself a bit overwhelmed by it, and seeking a vibrational harmony with this energy. My intention was to allow the energy to set the tone for my energy.

I felt like I had assimilated "island time" rather quickly, and my goal was to sit in the sun, sit in the water, float on the ocean all day. Enjoy the sunset each night. Repeat as necessary. Next year it will be a full 10 days, and I am already looking forward to it.

But more importantly, I bring that attitude home with me, and I look for opportunities to observe and appreciate this world and this life that I lead. With just a look in my memory banks, I feel that calm energy that flows from the sea and the sun, a breeze softening every moment.

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