Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Fall respite

Today I met with Dan at Sonrise to talk about how Small Group Ministry works - and doesn't. It was so much fun to work with someone who is excited about it, too. I found myself repeatedly getting passionate about a result or a process or a book, and realizing that I might stop and breath for a minute.

After the meeting, I had lunch at a family owned Mexican Restaurant, which was VERy good. It was some personal affirmations that finally got me to turn into the parking lot, and I was able to ignore those old thoughts of unworthiness.

Upon arriving at home, I was ready to start right into work, but I realized that I needed to take a lesson from my own book (see below). So I let my dog Rudy out, sat on the porch swing, and soaked in the sunshine. The clouds. The blue sky. The trees turning. The air getting crisp. The mind resting, for just a moment. Practicing presence, releasing thoughts, softening feelings with observation.

Work was much easier to address after that.

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