Friday, November 20, 2009

The Source of Limiting Thoughts

I was thinking about Michael Beckwith's movie, Spiritual Liberation, in particular his thoughts about ego and essence, and how they show up. The gist of his talk was that the egoic mind is what holds us back, and essence is what expands our life in all ways; in how we relate to each other, in our sense of personal abilities, our capacity for prosperity and healing, etc.

So it seems to me to come down to a test of limitations. A litmus test that can tell me when my thoughts come from egoic mind and when they come from my authentic self, my essence. And usually we can feel it in our body as well.

The concept that "when I am in limiting thoughts I might be in ego" could be used as an indicator, a barometer of
the source of my consciousness. If I am in limiting thought, then I am in the egoic mind. When I am feeling free and unlimited thought, I am coming from my authentic self, my essence.

What are some of the limiting thoughts that I experience? They could have some of these emotions involved:
  • Fear
  • Inadequacy
  • unlovable
  • Insecure
  • Guilt
Just by becoming aware of the types of emotions that show up in my body and mind, I can have the opportunity to redirect, to ignore, to move back to my authentic essence as my source of unlimited thoughts.

Therein lies the challenge when immersed in a "reasonable" world.

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