Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Power of People

I was reading through an email that I received about how our resolutions go in January:

Contrary to popular belief, gym memberships spike in February, NOT January. Diet centers and programs spike in February and all other self-help and personal growth programs have a steep increase in February.

Why is that? Didn't we make our resolutions in January? YES WE DID - but we tried to succeed ALONE!

You may be an exception to the rule... but the truth is, most of us do best when we're surrounded with support in reaching our goals and objectives. This is why it is KEY for you to have peers that 'get' you and understand what you are about.

The point of this is to have some people who support us in our goals and our dreams. When we find the poeple who believe in what we want, we can move forward with much more ease and grace. When we get energized by support, we can activate the law of attraction and bring into our experience the tools and resources that will allow us to serve our clients best. Other professionals come into view who can create a co-creative synergy that benefits everyone in the process.

But the important thing is to share our enthusiasm with someone who will in turn become enthused about your goals, as well as become enthused about their own goals and dreams. It is working so well for me! I am constantly amazed at how many people are contributing to my success, when I let them.

Larry Watson

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