Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Worst & Best

During a road trip, when stress can magnify things, I noticed myself finding judgment of others and feeling justified to point this out. The next day I realized I was pointing at parts of myself.

It's funny how quick I (we?) can be when it comes to finding judgment of negative traits in others. And knowing that those are traits that I can find in myself, I have the opportunity to feel compassion for everyone who demonstrates those traits.

And what about the positive traits that I admire in others? Those are present in me as well, and associating with people who demonstrate those traits will help me to see them in myself, and nurture and cultivate them.

My goal is to seek out those people who I want to add to my circle of influence, and actually take the time to discover their power and attitude.

First and foremost, I must recognize that I am worthy to ask them for a snippet their wisdom.

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