Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Be Willing

When I am looking at my potential, and affirming the future results and outcomes that give me joy, I am often intimidated by the responsibility of being in the perfect mindset to make it all happen. The concepts of the Law of Attraction are so powerful, and nailing all the steps and processes sometimes appears daunting.

Getting it right, I realized, is not the biggest step. Having the right affirmation or the right attitude and emotion are not absolutes to 'successful' manifestation.

The other day I was saying some affirmations, and my ability to believe these affirmations was less than 100%. And the credibility of my own affirmation is pretty important as I learned from Terry McBride.

Then I remembered the leading words of Collin Tipping's "Radical Forgiveness" worksheet affirmations: "I am willing. . . "

I realize this opens me up to the potential without requiring me to know the how. It opens up all the potential that I can see or that I cannot see from my limited perspective.

It opens up my potential to the power of the Universe to create with me my higher good, even if I can't see it yet.

It is not mine to nail down the how and when. I am willing, and the Universe steps in with grace and all the potential that is available in this universe. It's time to trust and put my faith in the Universe's constant love for me that supports me 100% all the time.

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