Monday, July 19, 2010

New Opportunities

I'll be rolling out a new service in the next week, and I would like to relate a conversation that I had this morning with a Training/Development company about the new system.

A powerful Virtual Book Club system has been created and will debut this week that will allow very easy and comfortable access to Book Clubs very soon. This system will connect a number of people on one technology platform so that this group can connect as a whole, and also break out into smaller groups for more in depth discussions.

My passion is about the small group experience using books for the information bank, and how it allows us to discover our own unique wisdom. By being about to verbalize our ideas, we are able to discover our power.

Bob Sutton of ProThink Solutions asked to meet with me this morning to talk about my system and its potential application with his own programs. As we talked about his mission and how he has presented it currently, we saw that my system would give him a powerful process for offering his wealth of knowledge to the general public, as well as in the corporate sector.

We saw many advantages to the Virtual Book Club system for his program.
-Flexible group sizes
-Customized time frames; weekly, biweekly, monthly
-Subscription based for ease of registration
-Hands-on moderation of groups for optimized client experience
-Measurable results for clients

I'm looking forward to working with Bob to develop a program that can provide the benefits of his wealth of knowledge to a new client base.

Peace & JOY

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