Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a great night of Kirtan chanting tonight! I am feeling energized, vibrating with power. Tonight was led by Dave Stringer and Mike Cohen and Joni Allen and our own Karen Johns! There were two amazing percussionists as well, and I loved the energy they added to the chanting. Totally awesome. for more info about the origin of Kirtans.

The energy in the room with dozens of people was exhilerating. It's really futile to describe it, it is something that needs to be experienced to understand it.

The result as I'm driving home was not only a high energy level in my body and mind, but a strong sense of potential. I felt myself having greater empowerment and ability to make things happen in my life. It seemed as if some parts of a wall had been knocked down and I was free to move about the cabin. I could stretch my arms out in freedom and strength, I could feel my legs metaphorically stepping out in great strides up the mountain. I could feel my lungs take deep sharp breaths, building a rhythm of energy that would drive those legs.

As I'm feeling this energy, I'm also thinking that I want to nourish this feeling, this knowing that could propel me forward into my future with great energy and confidence.

To some, this might sound New Age woowoo. That's OK. I'm not really talking to them. I know that's becoming a smaller minority. The majority of you get it.

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