Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Freedom: What Are Your Rewards?

The Fear of Letting Go Is...

There was a point in my life where I began to realize that my co-dependence was a huge obstacle to my true, authentic self  being able to express. At that point I began to fear being co-dependent. I could see how it diminished me and put entirely too much pressure on others to be my source of happiness or pain.
So I began the journey of letting go of the desperate, dysfunctional need to have my existence affirmed by others, the need to mold and manipulate myself into the persona that I thought would please them. In the process, another fear began to show.

I soon found myself in the fear of Not being co-dependent, which is the reason I had resorted to co-dependence in the first place. In the absence of interacting in the favorable persona, I would have to look within and find authentic reactions, authentic opinions, authentic emotions  that I would actually express!

There had been rewards in being co-dependent, and now it was time to find the rewards in ending this practice.
  • The reward is authenticity itself, discovering  the essence of who I really am.
  • The reward is freedom.
The opportunity to change your focus begins with awareness, and then requires courage. It makes it much easier when you can find the rewards to a new way of being. Focus on the positive rewards, and you will find your authentic self with grace and ease.

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