Friday, October 19, 2012

Thinkers & Feelers

At a recent presentation at Legacy Center, a business education center, there was a review of the personality polarities included in the Briggs-Meyer personality assessment. It really started to come into focus for me when the presenter explained how the polarities might be expressed.

Thinkers have a tendency to think in numbers, "this" therefore "that", black or white, A+B=C, etc. Feelers have a tendency to look at the consequences of the decisions that such "equations" can create.

Feelers tend to look at human consequences, organizational consequences, process consequences, customer service consequences.

This really brought to light for me the need for both polarities, to embrace "both, and," as opposed to "either, or." If one of us has a tendency toward one, the inclusion of the other polarity will create a better balance of perspective and outcomes.

As I look at the political climate in our country, I also see the Thinkers and Feelers of our world. When a position is stated from the Thinker perspective, it is usually spoken in such terms as to leave the human consequences subjugated to the mandate of yes or no, or absolute numbers.

I would hope that we could find a balance within ourselves and our nation to look for the "both, and" answers that will create safety, prosperity, and healing for all. That is my vision.

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