Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Core Values

As I was reviewing materials from a major HeartMath (www.HeartMath.org) program, the segment on core values jumped out at me. Heartmath has created constructive ways to deal with stress, and part of it is based on our focus in life.

The essence of this segment helped me to realize that when I am not in,or coming from, my core values, I am stressed. Pretty simple, right?

And when I am stressed I have a tendency to ignore my core values. What a cycle.

There is the confusion. What is the solution?

Time to use a little discipline and look for a core value in everything I do. It seems that much of the things I do can have a positive core value behind them if I start with that Intention.

Start with an intention of authentic connection, of service, of spiritual growth, and each task and activity will have a gift within.

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